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Shinyu View: Spotlight Interview with Ilsis Rojas of NC Pup's Bakery



Ilsis Rojas of NC Pup's Bakery

Tell us a little bit about your business:
My name is Ilsis Rojas, and I am from Venezuela. I moved to the USA in 2015 due to the political violence happening in my country. My business is called "NC Pups Bakery" - we offer quality dog treats, cakes, and Party Boxes made only with organic, sugar-free, and human-grade ingredients. Every batch is handmade and packaged with tons of love right here in Charlotte. Our promise is to never ever use chemicals, preservatives, additives, or anything artificial.

What made you start NC Pups Bakery?

I have an Australian Shepherd named Milo who is almost three years old and my literal shadow. When Milo was a puppy, he used to have a lot of red spots, skin allergies, and a constantly upset stomach. I was freaking out because I didn’t know why this was happening. After multiple visits to the vet, it was obvious that some ingredients in his food and treats were causing him allergies. I needed to do something about it, and since I had extensive experience cooking and baking (I was known as the "Muffin Lady" in college), I thought why not create a healthy solution for Milo myself? So that's what I did! After I started cooking and baking for Milo, I immediately noticed a huge improvement in his skin, and he rarely has an upset stomach anymore. Seeing how much healthier and happier Milo became made me want to help other pet parents who are facing similar issues, and that's why I started NC Pups Bakery!

What kind of products, treats, and flavors can pet parents expect?

We have a wide variety of treats to choose from with many options for flavors. It's critical that the treats are not just healthy, but tasty as well. That's why Milo is our Culinary Testing Expert - all treats have been "Milo-approved," and trust me he is very picky! Here is just a sample of what pet parents can expect:
  • Peanut Butter Bacon Bones

  • Beef Doggy Poppers

  • Moringa Pupcaroons

  • And much more!

Looking for the best organic treats in the Charlotte area? Doggy gotcha day or birthday pawty coming soon? Contact Ilsis below using one of the methods below:

Email her at:

Check out her website at:



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