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Our Vetting Process

We do all the digging for you to identify sitters and walkers you can trust with your four-legged family members.

Here are the steps we take:


To ensure the utmost dedication and commitment, we have designed an extensive online evaluation for all potential caregivers. Our evaluation is intentionally thorough and comprehensive, with the aim of attracting individuals who are committed to pet care rather than considering it just another "gig" job. Covering areas such as animal knowledge, communication skills, background experience, and behavioral and situational understanding, this evaluation ensures that only the most qualified and passionate caregivers become a part of Shinyu. Rest assured, your pets will be in the hands of professionals who prioritize your pets well-being and are committed to providing exceptional care.


Following a successful evaluation, potential caregivers are invited to an in-person interview with the Shinyu management team at our home office. This gives us the opportunity to confirm the caregiver's background, assess their communication skills, punctuality, and their ability to follow directions precisely. We believe that meeting someone in-person provides invaluable insight - anyone can appear wonderful on paper, but it's through personal connection and interaction that we truly get to know them. We only approve people who have met our strict standards and whose professionalism and commitment to pet care match our own. With us, you can trust that your pets are in the hands of caregivers who have demonstrated the right qualifications, character, and values to gain our seal of approval.


To ensure the highest level of competence and performance, potential caregivers undergo a final evaluation: they are given the opportunity to perform a mock service with one of our own pets. Acting as a pet parent, we provide them with lengthy and detailed instructions to guide the walk, giving us valuable insights into their ability to handle a real pet care service. During this evaluation, we observe how they interact with new animals, assess their proficiency in using our app, and evaluate their adaptability in handling any distractions that may arise. By seeing their abilities firsthand, we gain confidence in their capabilities as trusted caregivers. Rest assured that our caregivers have proven their skills and dedication through this comprehensive evaluation process.

All Shinyu caregivers are background screened.


Shinyu is all about the quality of our people. It's what sets us apart from the others. 

Here are some of the great walker and sitter options you will have as a Shinyu client.

Connect your pet with their new best friend! Schedule a free consultation call with our Head of Pets, Maggie Brydon, to ensure they receive the love and unique care they deserve while you're away.

What we look for:


Pet care involves much more than driving people around or delivering food. We look for walkers and sitters who are committed to being great pet care providers and don't just look at this as another "gig".


Being able to communicate effectively is a vital component of providing a great service. Clear and thorough communication leads to a stress-free pet care experience.

Animal Expertise

Animal knowledge and skills are critical. We look for proven experience and a knowledge base that provides the foundation for great care.

Client-first attitude

We look for caregivers with the "customer is always right" attitude. Pet care is a service, and our caregivers exemplify a service-first approach.


Last but certainly not least. Expertise, experience, skills, and abilities are all critical, but without integrity they don't really matter.

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