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Our People

We do all the digging for you to identify sitters and walkers you can trust. 

That's what best friends are for.

Our Vetting Process


First, all potential caregivers must complete an extensive online evaluation that we have created to be intentionally tedious, and complex to ensure their commitment. The initial evaluation covers animal knowledge and communication, background experience, as well as behavioral and situational questions. Each evaluation is manually reviewed and scored in order to determine if they are eligible to continue on with the vetting process.


After a successful evaluation, potential caregivers are invited to an in-person interview with the Shinyu management team at our home office. This gives us the opportunity to confirm their background, assess their communication skills, punctuality, and ability to follow directions to a tee. Anyone can appear wonderful on paper, but meeting face to face is how you really get to know someone.  


Lastly, a mock service is performed with one of our own pets. With Shinyu management acting as a client, potential caregivers perform a walk with lengthy and detailed instructions, which allows us to gauge their ability to handle a real service. This gives us the opportunity to see with our own eyes how they interact with an animal, their ability to use our app, and how well they handle the service with distractions along the way.

All Shinyu caregivers are background screened.

What we look for:


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